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Your trusted partner for seamless, tailored wheelchair-accessible transportation services.

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Never Miss a Doctor's Appointment Again

The Next Generation of Patient Transportation has arrived. Built for Healthcare. Designed for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Were bringing a new approach to patient transportation. Your Health and Well-Being Are Important. So getting a ride to the doctor should not get in the way. Getting your health care shouldnt depend on whether you can find a ride.

Your Smooth Transportation, Always In Perfect Balance

We Follow The Rules With A Smile, Ensuring Your Safety On Every Trip.

Our Top Priority Is Delivering Timely And Worry-Free Comfort

Why Choose Care Trips

Your Safe and Reliable Choice

Discover peace of mind with CareTrips, providing safe and reliable wheelchair-accessible transportation. Our fleet of clean, late-model vehicles, driven by caring professionals, ensures your comfort on every journey. Affordable pricing guarantees you never miss an appointment or event. Call to schedule your worry-free ride today!

Stress-Free Journeys with CareTrips

Experience the importance of seamless and comfortable non-emergency transportation with CareTrips. Our dedicated services cater to a variety of needs, ensuring you reach your destination stress-free. Explore a range of destinations and occasions where CareTrips can make your journey comfortable and worry-free.

Online Scheduling

If you or the person you are caring for needs reliable transportation, you can book online through our website!

Day To Day Transportation

Experience the ultimate convenience with CareTrips All-Inclusive Casual Transportation Services, providing stress-free journeys for shopping, religious services, and errands. Our specialized transportation prioritizes your comfort, ensuring independence in every aspect of your daily life. Choose CareTrips for a seamless, holistic approach to personalized and compassionate casual transportation.

All Your Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation Needs

Your trusted partner for seamless, tailored wheelchair-accessible transportation services

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